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These ROOT-WORDS are Prefixes MON & MONO which mean ONE. It comes from the Greek mons which means ALONE. MON & MONO open the door on marital customs of ancient days, when polygamy was the custom, permitting both many wives and many husbands. Civilization has complicated many things, but it has certainly simplified life by doing away with polygamy and polyandry. One spouse is about all the average civilized person can manage. Wisely we leave multiples to children.

1. Monad : MON ad (moe’ nad) n.

A unit; one

2. Monandry : MON andry (mon’ an dree) n.

The custom of having only one husband at a time

3. Monogyny : MON ogyny (mo noj ‘ y nee) n.

A society which establishes the law of one wife only

4. Monarch : MON arch (mon’ ark) n.

The ruler of an empire

5. Monarchy : MON archy (mon’ ar kee) n.

A government which has only one ruler

6. Monastery : MON astery (mon’ a ster ee) n.

A religious institution in which monks live

7. Monochord : MONO chord (mon’ o kord) n.

An instrument of ancient days that had only one string

8. Monocle : MONO cle (mon’ o k’l) n.

An eyeglass for one eye

9. Monody : MON ody (mon’ ode e) n.

A funeral lament sung by one voice; a dirge

10. Monogamy : MONO gamy (mo nog’ a mee) n.

One marriage, as opposed to bigamy or polygamy

11. Monodrama : MONO drama (mon’ o dram a) n

A play with one actor

12. Monologue : MONO logue (mon’ o log) n.

A discourse by one person; soliloquy

13. Monocycle : MONO cycle (mon’ o sie k’l) n.

A velocipede with one wheel; unicycle

14. Monochrome : MONO chrome (mon’ o krome) n.

A painting of a single color

15. Monocracy : MONO cracy (mo nok’ ra see) n.

Government by one ruler; an autocracy

16. Monochromatic : MONO chromatic (mon o kroe’ mat ik) adj.

Of one color only

17. Monotone : MONO tony (mo not’ on ee) n.

Sameness; as, a monotonous voice

18. Monotony : MONO tony (mo not’ on ee) n.

Sameness; as, a monotonous voice

19. Monodynamic : MONO dynamic (mon o di nam’ ik) adj.

Having one power or talent

20. Monoblepsia : MONO blepsia (mon o blep’ si a) n.

A condition in which vision is normal only when one eye is used

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