Honesty is The Best Policy.

Honesty is The Best Policy. :

Being honest at all times is the best policy to follow in life. Speaking the truth may at times put you through hardships, But ultimately only good things will result from it. To stand up to the truth requires a great deal of courage and an honest person is always treated with respect and loved by everyone.

“Students I want all of you to finish your record work By tomorrow. I will collect all the books tomorrow and anyone handing over an incomplete notebook will be punished severely. And I will give you extra marks if you do a neat work’, said Mr. Johnson, the Science teacher of Class VII to his students.

The entire class knew that Mr. Johnson meant every word of what he said because he was very strict. Ashok and Ram were students of the same class and there was always a tough competition between them as to who stood first in class. Both of them knew that getting the extra marks for record work would certainly help them get the first rank.

That evening Ram sat down to do his record work. Some of the drawings were very tough. But Ram somehow wanted to get the extra marks that Mr. Johnson had promised. So HE ran to the house next door and asked Uncle Shiva who lived there to help him out. Uncle Shiva was a friendly old man very good at drawing who loved to help children in the neighborhood with their home work.

Next day the beaming Ram went to school, sure that Mr. Johnson was going to give him the maximum marks for his record work. Mr. Johnson was very impressed and as expected Ram got the extra marks as well as the first rank beating Ashok by five marks. But strangely Ram did not feel very happy. He knew that he had cheated by asking someone else to draw for him whereas Ashok had done his own drawings.

Ram felt very guilty and ashamed. He immediately went and confessed the truth to Mr. Johnson and told him that it was Ashok who deserved to get the first rank and not him. Although Mr. Johnson was angry at first, he appreciated Ram’s honesty and patted him for having the courage to speak the truth. Ram felt relieved to get the guilty feeling off his mind and apologized to the whole class for his distasteful behavior.

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Honesty is The Best Policy. :


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