How to use ARE?

How to use ARE? :

are + (You, They, We) + verb + adjective or adverb?

ARE is used to form Present Continuous Tense.
IS and ARE are use in the Passive Voice.

Question Forms :

Are + you + adjective or adverb?
Are + they + adjective or adverb?
Are + we + adjective or adverb?

Are you happy?
Are you sad?
Are you safe?
Are we tall?
Are we short?
Are we glad?
Are we ready to go?
Are they fine?
Are they bold?
Are they intelligent?
Are they kind?
Are they wealthy?
Are they rich?
Are the boys sincere?
Are they helpful?
Are they tired?
Are the flowers beautiful?
Are the books very cheap?
Are the buildings strong?
Are you in this street?
Are they here?
Are we brave?
Are we clever?
Are we kind?
Are we rich?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. You + are + adjective or adverb.
Yes. They + are + adjective or adverb.
Yes. We + are + adjective or adverb.

Yes. I am happy.
Yes. I am sad.
Yes. I am safe.
Yes. We are tall.
Yes. We are short.
Yes. We are glad.
Yes. We are ready to go.
Yes. They are fine.
Yes. They are bold.
Yes. They are intelligent.
Yes. They are kind.
Yes. They are wealthy.
Yes. They are rich.
Yes. The boys are sincere.
Yes. They are helpful.
Yes. They are tired.
Yes. The flowers are beautiful.
Yes. The books are very cheap.
Yes. The buildings are strong.
Yes. I am in this street.
Yes. They are here.
Yes. We are brave.
Yes. We are clever.
Yes. We are kind.
Yes. We are rich.

Negative Answers :

No. You + are + not + adjective or adverb.
No. They + are + not + adjective or adverb.
No. We + are + not + adjective or adverb.

No. I am not happy.
No. I am not sad.
No. I am not safe.
No. We are not tall.
No. We are not short.
No. We are not glad.
No. We are not ready to go.
No. They are not fine.
No. They are not bold.
No. They are not intelligent.
No. They are not kind.
No. They are not wealthy.
No. They are not rich.
No. They are not sincere.
No. They are not helpful.
No. They are not tired.
No. The flowers are not beautiful.
No. The hooks are not very cheap.
No. The buildings are not strong.
No. I am not in this street.
No. They are not here.
No. We are not brave.
No. We are not clever.
No. They are not kind.
No. We are not rich.

How to use ARE? :


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