How to use CAN?

How to use CAN?

Can + (He, She, It, I, You, We, They, Ram, Sita) + verb?

Generally we use CAN to donate ability, capacity and permission.

Question Forms :

Can + he + verb?
Can + she + verb?
Can + it + verb?
Can + I + verb?
Can + you + verb?
Can + we + verb?
Can + they + verb?
Can + Ram + verb?
Can + Sita + verb?

Can he begin the week?
Can he bind the books?
Can he bring the table?
Can she draw a picture?
Can she drive the car?
Can it work well?
Can H move?
Can it be repaired?
Can I begin the work?
Can I use your books?
Can I write a letter?
Can you send the pared?
Can you sing a song?
Can you sit here?
Can you sleep here?
Can we go to market?
Can we go to excursion?
Can they come here?
Can they begin the works?
Can Sita write a poem?
Can Mala bind the books?
Can Raju operate tins machine?
Can she drink the milk?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. + He + can + verb.
Yes. + She + can + verb.
Yes. + It + can + verb.
Yes. + I + can + verb.
Yes. + You + can + verb.
Yes. + We + can + verb.
Yes. + They + can + verb.
Yes. + Ram + can + verb.
Yes. + Sita + can + verb.

Yes. He can begin the work.
Yes. He can bind the books.
Yes. He can bring the table.
Yes. She can draw a picture.
Yes. She can drive the car.
Yes. It can work well.
Yes. It can move.
Yes. It can be repaired.
Yes. You can begin the work.
Yes. You can use my book.
Yes. You can write a letter.
Yes. I can send the parcel.
Yes. I can sing a song.
Yes. I can sit here.
Yes. I can sleep here.
Yes. We can go to market.
Yes. We can go to excursion.
Yes. They can come here.
Yes. They can begin the work.
Yes. Sita can write a poem.
Yes. Mala can bind the books.
Yes. Raju can operate this machine.
Yes. She can drink the milk.

Negative Answers :

No. + He + can + not + verb.
No. + She + can + not + verb.
No. + It + can + not + verb.
No. + I + can + not + verb.
No. + You + can + not + verb.
No. + We + can + not + verb.
No. + They + can + not + verb.
No. + Ram + can + not + verb.
No. + Sita + can + not + verb.

No. He can not begin the work.
No. He cannot bind the books.
No. He cannot bring the Table.
No. She cannot draw a picture.
No. She cannot drive the car.
No. It cannot work well.
No. It cannot move.
No. It cannot be repaired.
No. You cannot begin die work.
No. You cannot use my book.
No. You cannot write a letter.
No. I cannot send the pared.
No. I cannot sing a song.
No. I cannot sit here.
No. I cannot sleep here.
No. We cannot go to market.
No. We cannot go to excursion.
No. They cannot come here.
No. They cannot begin the work.
No. Sita cannot write a poem.
No. Mala cannot bind the books.
No. Raju cannot operate dm machine.
No. She cannot drink the milk.

How to use CAN?

How to use CAN?


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