How to use HAVE?

How to use HAVE?

Have + (You, They, I, We) + Part Participle?

HAVE indicates completed actions in the immediate past. We use HAVE where we are not sure of lime and definite nature of an action. We use HAVE for an action which begin at some time in the past but still continuing.

Question Forms :

Have + You + Part Participle?
Have + They + Part Participle?
Have + I + Part Participle?
Have + We + Part Participle?

1. Have you taken?
2. Have you finished?
3. Have you completed the work?
4. Have you met your manager?
5. Have you taken your camera?
6. Have you done the work?
7. Have you paid the fee?
8. Have you received the letter?
9. Have you collected the amount?
10 Have you booked the ticket?
11. Have you prepared for the exam?
12. Have you seen this movie?
13. Have you applied for the job?
14. Have you got the address?
15. Have they delivered the goods?
16. Have they discussed the matter?
17. Have the boys arrived?
18. Have they identified the house?
19. Have I taken your book by mistake?
20. Have I met you before?
21. Have I prepared well?
22. Have we reached the current spot?
23. Have we finished the work?
24. Have we taken lunch?
25. Have we decided the venue for the meeting?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. + You + have + Part Participle.
Yes. + They + have + Part Participle.
Yes. + I + have + Part Participle.
Yes. + We + have + Part Participle.

Yes. I have taken.
Yes. I have finished.
Yes. I have completed the work.
Yes. I have met my manager.
Yes. I have taken my camera.
Yes. I have done the work.
Yes. I have you paid the fee.
Yes. I have received the letter.
Yes. I have collected the amount.
Yes. I have booked the tickets.
Yes. I have prepared for the exam.
Yes. I have seen this movie.
Yes. I have applied for the job.
Yes. I have got the address.
Yes. They have delivered their goods.
Yes. They have discussed the matter.
Yes. The boys have arrived.
Yes. They have identified the house.
Yes. You have taken your book by mistake.
Yes. I have met you before.
Yes. You have prepared well.
Yes. We have reached the correct spot.
Yes. We have finished the work.
Yes. We have taken the lunch.
Yes. We have decided the spot.

Negative Answers :

No. + You + have + not + Part Participle.
No. + They + have + not + Part Participle.
No. + I + have + not + Part Participle.
No. + We + have + not + Part Participle.

No. I have not taken.
No. I have not finished.
No. I have not completed the work.
No. I have not met my manager.
No. I have not taken my camera.
No. I have not done the work.
No. I have not paid the fee.
No. I have not received the letter.
No. I have not collected the amount.
No. I have not booked the tickets.
No. I have not prepared for the exam.
No. I have not seen this movie.
No. I have not applied for the job.
No. I have not got the address.
No. They have not delivered the goods.
No. They have not discussed this matter.
No. The boys have not arrived.
No. They have not identified the house.
No. You have not taken my book by mistake.
No. I have not met you before.
No. You have not prepared well.
No. We have not reached the correct spot.
No. We have not finished the work.
No. We have not taken the lunch.
No. We have not decided the spot.

How to use HAVE?

How to use HAVE?


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