How to use IS?

How to use IS? : How to use IS?

Is + (He, She, It, Ram, Sita) + verb + ing?

IS used to form Present Continuous Tenses. They are used in the Passive Voice.

Question Forms :

Is + He + verb + ing?
Is + She + verb + ing?
Is + It + verb + ing?
Is + Ram + verb + ing?
Is + Sita + verb + ing?

1. Is he binding a book?
2. Is he bringing a file?
3. Is he buying frails?
4. Is he giving the book?
5. Is he learning English?
6. Is he paying the fee?
7. Is he running?
8. Is she calling you?
9. Is she writing a letter?
10. Is she cutting a tree?
11. Is she reading a novel?
12. Is she calling your sister?
13. Is she going to Delhi?
14. Is the bus coming?
15. Is it raining?
16. Is the machine working?
17. Is he using your cell phone?
18. Is your mother preparing food?
19. Is Chitra calling Priya?
20. Is Gayathri waiting for you?
21. Is Shyamala residing here?
21 Is Ravi singing a song?
23. Is Ashwin giving a lecture?
24. Is Maran taking your pen?
25. Is Mala telling a story?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. He + is + verb + ing.
Yes. She + is + verb + ing.
Yes. It + is + verb + ing.
Yes. Ram + is + verb + ing.
Yes. Site + is + verb + ing.

Yes. He is binding a book.
Yes. He is bringing a file.
Yes. He is buying fruits.
Yes. He is giving the book.
Yes. He is learning English.
Yes. He is paving the fee.
Yes. He is running.
Yes. She is calling me.
Yes. She is writing a letter.
Yes. She is cutting a tree.
Yes. She is reading a novel.
Yes. She is calling my sister.
Yes. She is going to Delhi.
Yes. The boss is coming.
Yes. It is raining.
Yes. The machine is working.
Yes. He is taking my cell phone.
Yes. My mother is preparing food.
Yes. Ohitra is calling Priya.
Yes. Gayathri is wailing for you.
Yes. Shyamala is residing here.
Yes. Ravi is singing a song.
Yes. Ashwin is giving a lecture.
Yes. Maran is inking your pen.
Yes. Mala is telling a story.

Negative Answers :

No. He + not + is + verb + ing.
No. She + not + is + verb + ing.
No. It + is + not + verb + ing.
No. Ram + is + not + verb + ing.
No. Site + is + not + verb + ing.

No. He is not binding a book.
No. He is not bringing a file.
No. He is not buying fruits.
No. He is not giving the book.
No, he is nut learning English.
No. He is not paying a fee.
No. He is not tanning.
No. She is not calling me.
No. She is not writing a letter.
No. She is not cutting a tree.
No. She is not reading a novel.
No. She is not calling my sister.
No. She is not going to Delhi.
No. The bus is not coming.
No. It is not raining.
No. The machine is not working.
No. He is not taking ray cell phone.
No. My mother is not preparing food.
No. Chitia is not calling Priya.
No. Gayathri is not waiting for you.
No. Shyamala is not residing here.
No. Ravi is not singing a song.
No. Ashwin is not giving a lecture.
No. Maran is not taking your pen.
No. Mala is not telling a story.

How to use IS?


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