How to use SHALL?

How to use SHALL?

Shall + (I, we) + verb?

We use SHALL with I and We.

This donates future actions, permission and request.

Question Forms :

Shall + I + verb?
Shall + we + verb?

Shall I come with you?
Shall I begin the programme?
Shall I we go to the stadium?
Shall I buy the tickets?
Shall I use your pen?
Shall I open the door?
Shall I meet your Manager?
Shall I bind the book?
Shall I come to your school?
Shall we meet you?
Shall we sell the fruits?
Shall I send the books?
Shall I call your sister?
Shall we sun the work?
Shall I help you?
Shall I convey my message?
Shall I appoint you?
Shall we learn French?
Shall I show the room?
Shall we guide you?
Shall we buy story book?
Shall I begin the meeting?
Shall I come to your home?
Shall we meet the collector?
Shall I teach you English?
Shall we reach the station?
Shall we inform the police?
Shall I call the doctor?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. + I + shall + verb.
Yes. + We + shall + verb.

Yes. You shall come with me.
Yes. Yew shall begin ihe programme.
Yes. You shall go to the stadium.
Yes. You shall buy the tickets.
Yes. You shall use my pen.
Yes. You shall open the door.
Yes. You shall meet my Manager.
Yes. You shall bind the book.
Yes. You shall come to my school.
Yes. You shall meet.
Yes. You shall sell the fruits.
Yes. You shall send the books.
Yes. You shall call my sister.
Yes. You shall start the work.
Yes. You shall help me.
Yes. You shall convey the message.
Yes. You shall appoint me.
Yes. You shall leam French.
Yes. You shall show the room.
Yes. You shall guide me.
Yes. You shall buy story book.
Yes. You shall begin the meeting.
Yes. You shall come to my home.
Yes. You shall meet the collector.
Yes. You shall teach me Knglish.
Yes. You shall we meet the station.
Yes. You shall inform the police.
Yes. You shall call the doctor.

Negative Answers :

No. + I + shall + not + verb.
No. + We + shall + not + verb.

No. You shan't come with me.
No. You shan't begin the programme.
No. You shan't go to the stadium.
No. You shan't buy the tickets.
No. You shan’t use my pen.
No. You shan't open the door.
No. You shan’t meet my Manager.
No. You shan’t bind the book.
No. You shan't come to my school.
No. You shan’t meet.
No. You shan't sell the fruits.
No. You shan't send the books.
No. You shan't call my sister.
No. You shan't start the work.
No. You shan't help me.
No. You shan't convey the message.
No. You shan't appoint me.
No. You shan’t learn French.
No. You shan't show the room.
No. You shan't guide me.
No. You shan't buy story book.
No. You shan't begin the meeting.
No. You shan’t come to my home.
No. You shan't meet the collector.
No. You shan't teach me English.
No. You shan’t meet the station.
No. You shan't inform the police.
No. You shan't call the doctor.

How to use SHALL?


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