How to use WAS?

How to use WAS? :

Is + (He, She, It, Ram, Sita) + verb + ing?

IS used to form Past Continuous Tenses. They are used in the Passive Voice.

Question Forms :

Was + He + verb + ing?
Was + She + verb + ing?
Was + It + verb + ing?
Was + Ram + verb + ing?
Was + Sita + verb + ing?

1. Was he reading a novel?
2. Was he inviting you?
3. Was he booking a ticket?
4. Was be calling you?
5. Was he calling your sister?
6. Was he teaching French?
7. Was he going to the temple?
8. Was he preparing for IAS exam?
10. Was she waiting for you?
11. Was it standing there?
12. Was it working well?
13. Was the bus coming from Trichy?
14. Was Sita acting in the drama?
15. Was Meera learning Tclugu?
16. Was Ram conducting a meeting?
17. Was Mala singing many songs?
18. Was she reading a novel?
19. Was Ram wmtmg for your brother?
20. Was she cooking well?
21. Was Rajah meeting the chairman?
22. Was it working well?
23. Was he coming here?
24. Was she residing here?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. He + was + verb + ing.
Yes. She + was + verb + ing.
Yes. It + was + verb + ing.
Yes. Ram + was + verb + ing.
Yes. Site + was + verb + ing.

Yes. He was reading a novel.
Yes. He was inviting me.
Yes. He was hooking a ticket.
Yes. He was calling me.
Yes. He was calling my sister.
Yes. He was teaching French.
Yes. He was going to the temple.
Yes. He was preparing for IAS exam.
Yes. She was waiting for me.
Yes. It was standing there.
Yes. It was working well.
Yes. The bus was coming from Trichy.
Yes. Sita was acting in the drama.
Yes. Meera was learning Telugu.
Yes. Ram was conducting a meeting.
Yes. Mala was singing many songs.
Yes. She was reading a novel.
Yes. Ram was waiting for my brother.
Yes. She was cooking well.
Yes. Rajesh was meeting the Chairman.
Yes. It w as working well.
Yes. He was coming here.
Yes. She was residing here.

Negative Answers :

No. He + was + not + verb + ing.
No. She + was + verb + ing.
No. It + was + not + verb + ing.
No. Ram + was + not + verb + ing.
No. Site + was + not + verb + ing.

No. He was not reading a novel
No. He was not inviting me.
No. He wav not booking a ticket.
No. He was not calling me.
No. He was not calling my sister.
No. He was not teaching French.
No. He was not going to the temple.
No. He was not preparing for IAS exam.
No. She was not waiting for me.
No. It was not standing there.
No. It was not working well.
No. The bus was not coming from Trichy.
No, Sita was not acting in the drama.
No. Meera was not learning Telugu.
No. Ram was not conducting a meeting.
No. Mala was not singing many songs.
No. She was not reading a novel.
No. Ram was not waiting for my brother.
No. She was not cooking well.
No. Kajesh was not meeting the chairman.
No. It was not working well.
No. He was not coming here.
No. She was not residing here.

How to use WAS?

How to use WAS? :


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