How to use WILL?

How to use WILL?

Will + (he, she, it, you, they, Ram, Sita) + verb?

We generally use WILL to denote future actions.

Question Forms :

Will + he + verb?
Will + she + verb?
Will + it + verb?
Will + you + verb?
Will + they + verb?
Will + Ram + verb?
Will + Sita + verb?

Will he bind the books?
Will he catch the train?
Will he come to school?
Will he meet you?
Will you meet your sister?
Will she sell the apples?
Will she send the books?
Will she show the room?
Will she reach the station at 9o’clock?
Will it work well?
Will it move?
Will it be feasible?
Will you begin the ceremony?
Will you come here tomorrow?
Will you teach me English?
Will they start the work?
Will they guide me?
Will they meet the collector?
Will they call your sister?
Will they appoint you?
Will Ram convey the message?
Will Sita buy story books?
Will Ashwin help you?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. + he + will + verb.
Yes. + she + will + verb.
Yes. + it + will + verb.
Yes. + you + will + verb.
Yes. + they + will + verb.
Yes. + Ram + will + verb.
Yes. + Sita + will + verb.

Yes. He will bind the books.
Yes. He will catch the train.
Yes. He will come to school.
Yes. He will meet you.
Yes. You will meet your sister.
Yes. She will sell the apples.
Yes. She will send the books.
Yes. She will show the room.
Yes. She will reach the station at 9o’clock.
Yes. It will work well.
Yes. It will move.
Yes. It will be feasible.
Yes. You will begin the ceremony.
Yes. You will come here tomorrow.
Yes. You will teach me English.
Yes. They will start the work.
Yes. They will guide me.
Yes. They will meet the collector.
Yes. They will call your sister.
Yes. They will appoint you.
Yes. Ram will convey the message.
Yes. Sita will buy story books.
Yes. Ashwin will help you.

Negative Answers :

No. + he + will + not + verb.
No. + she + will + not + verb.
No. + it + will + not + verb.
No. + you + will + not + verb.
No. + they + will + not + verb.
No. + Ram + will + not + verb.
No. + Sita + will + not + verb.

No. He will not bind the books.
No. He will not catch the train.
No. He will not come to school.
No. He will not meet you.
No. You will not meet your sister.
No. She will not sell the apples.
No. She will not send the books.
No. She will not show the room.
No. She will not reach the station at 9o’clock.
No. It will not work well.
No. It will not move.
No. It will not be feasible.
No. You will not begin the ceremony.
No. You will not come here tomorrow.
No. You will not teach me English.
No. They will not start the work.
No. They will not guide me.
No. They will not meet the collector.
No. They will not call your sister.
No. They will not appoint you.
No. Ram will not convey the message.
No. Sita will not buy story books.
No. Ashwin will not help you.

How to use WILL?

How to use WILL?


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