If You want a friend be a friend.

If You want a friend be a friend.

If we are kind to people they will also be kind to us. If we think of harming others through bad deeds, we will have to face bad times ourselves. We must never wish that bad events must occur in other people’s dives. This is the basic principle that rules our lives. If we are a sincere friend to others, they too will reciprocate and be friendly with us. We only get back, what we give.

So we must always make sure that we do good to others.

Once there was an eagle that lived on a tree along with its family. There were also some monkeys that lived in the same tree and they all lived together in peace. On a stormy night a hare came along shivering in the cold along with its family and requested permission to live in the hollow of the same tree. The monkey and the eagle readily agreed to it and welcomed the hare family with open arms. The hare thanked them profusely and settled down in the hollow with its family. As the days went by they all became good friends.

One day a hawk came to visit his friend the eagle and soon noticed that there was a hare living in the hollow of the tree. The hawk also saw that the hare had a few babies in its nest. The evil-minded hawk immediately told his friend the eagle that baby hares are very tasty to eat and that the eagle should have them once for lunch.

The eagle was now filled with evil thoughts too and wanted to eat the baby hares. When the father and mother hare went looking for food the next day, the eagle quickly stole a baby hare and took it to its nest. On seeing this, father hare was very furious and requested the eagle to return the innocent baby. But the eagle thought that the hare was too weak and small to harm it in any way and refused to return the baby to the hare. When the monkey family heard of this they got furious and pleaded with the eagle to return the baby hare. When it refused to do so, the monkey and the hare got together and picked up a few twigs and threatened to set the tree on fire. The eagle realized its stupidity and immediately returned the baby hare. The eagle then chased the hawk away for spoiling its true friendship with the monkey and the hare.

If You want a friend be a friend.


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