Look Before you Leap.

Look Before you Leap.

It is very wrong to take hasty decisions. We must always look at the advantages and disadvantages before attempting any kind of work. Literally the proverb means that we should always look at our next step. One should not blindly jump into anything without considering the dangers or disadvantages that could be in store for us.

It is always better to enquire, evaluate and then take action.

Long time ago a group of frogs lived happily in a well. Since the monsoon failed that year, there was no rain and all the ponds and wells were drying up. The frogs got together and decided to move to a better habitat that had plenty of water. The oldest and the wisest of the frogs warned the younger frogs to be careful while choosing their homes. Sticky and Slimy were two naughty little frogs who never listened to the elders.

“You have to be aware of the dangers that surround us. So you have to be careful, little ones. The water could be poisonous or there could be dangerous predators like...." even before grandfather frog could finish Sticky and Slimy hopped away at great speed in search of a living place.

They soon came across a deep pond which had plenty of water. They gladly jumped into the pond extremely pleased with themselves at having found a lovely home before the others did. They croaked loudly and swam from one end of the pond to the other. Sticky and Slimy did not notice that there was a crocodile in the pond. All the noise they had made had woken up the crocodile that was fast asleep. Angered at being disturbed, the crocodile came to the surface of the pond with a loud swish of its tail.

The sudden movement threw Sticky out of the pond and Slimy found himself sitting on the back of the crocodile. Slimy had never seen such a huge animal before and was trembling in fright. Just then the older frogs that had come looking for the two naughty frogs found them in this extremely dangerous situation. Grandfather frog quickly drew a plan.

He threw a stick in to the water to distract the crocodile and asked Slimy to swim to the bank. All the frogs then hopped away to safety. The two naughty frogs learnt a very important lesson that day which they never forgot in their life.

Look Before you Leap.


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