Many hands many work light.

Many hands many work light.

When efforts are taken by all of us to solve a problem, it becomes ready easy. When many of us handle a task, however big or complicated, it automatically gets done in a short time. The term LIGHT WORK used here does not necessarily refer to physical work. It refers to simplifying a task that otherwise seems tough. It is to be used in general terms and relates to finding a solution to any type of problem or puzzle.

Once there was a village that was situated on the slopes of huge rocky mountain. During the monsoon time it was very common to witness landslides in the area. Huge boulders of rock came sliding down and often fell on the roads blocking traffic for hours together. One night the rumbling sound and the crashing sound that followed indicated to the villagers that a boulder had come rolling down the hill side. When the villagers ran out they found that a huge boulder of rock had fallen across the railway track. It was so dark that the boulder was hardly visible and it was sure to spell disaster to the trains passing that way. The villagers checked the time and were relieved to realize that the last passenger train for that evening would have already passed. So that gave them time to remove boulder.

Just as they went about informing the government officials about the emergency situation, one of the villagers came running and informed them that the last train had not passed by since it had got delayed due to poor visibility and they could expect it any time. The villagers were alarmed on hearing this and immediately got into action. They gathered as many people from the village as possible and tried to push the boulder but to no avail. They knew they had to warn the oncoming train. It had stopped raining. So they gathered loads of twigs and started a big fire some distance away from the boulder so that the train driver would stop the train on seeing it.

As planned the train driver applied the brakes on seeing the fire. The villagers explained the situation and all the passengers came forward to help. With a large number of hands available to help, they removed the huge rock in a short time and the train was able to proceed to its destination without any problem.

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Many hands many work light.


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