Opportunity knocks only once.

Opportunity knocks only once.

We must make the best use of an opportunity when it comes our way. We may not get a second chance. So we have to be alert and identify an opportunity, grasp it as it comes along and make the best use of it. When there are hundreds of people looking for the same opportunity, we have to be intelligent enough to realize its value and act accordingly.

RAMAN was famous in Tenali for his wit and humour. But he wanted to become very rich and become a Minister in the court of King Krishnadevaraya. He heard that the King's Chief Rajguru Thathachariar was visiting a nearby town. Raman went and met him with a set of poems that he had written. The Chief Minister was very impressed and told Raman that he should one day adorn the court of the King. RAMAN RETURNED home feeling elated.

Weeks passed and there was no news from the Rajguru. Raman decided to go and visit the Rajguru. When the Rajguru saw him he was surprised that Raman had taken his words so seriously and chased him away. But Raman was not one to give up He was just waiting for an opportunity to prove his worth to the King.

THE next day Raman was present at the court where a famous magician was entertaining the King and his courtiers. At the end of the show the magician challenged anyone present in the court to come and defeat him. The King was ashamed as no one came forward including the Rajguru. Just then Raman stood up and declared that he could challenge the magician. The King promised Raman a bag of gold if he won the challenge.

Raman then proceeded to whisper something to the guard who went out and soon came back and handed over a bag to Raman. Raman told the magician, “I am now going to do a trick with my eyes closed. But you must do the same trick with your eyes open." The magician agreed without a second thought.

Raman at once took a handful of sand that was in the bag and put it over his closed eyes. The magician immediately accepted defeat since he knew he could not put sand inside his eyes. The King was very happy with Raman and gave him a bag of gold and appointed him as one of his ministers then and there. Thus Raman utilized the opportunity that came his way and made good use of it.

Opportunity knocks only once.


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