ROOT-WORD is the Prefix PRE which means BEFORE. The use of this one is very simple. I PREdict a fine vocabulary, but it’s really up to YOU.

1. Preamble :PRE amble (pree’ am b’l) n.

An introduction; as, the Preamble to the Constitution

2. Precaution :PRE caution (pre kau’ shun) n.

Care taken beforehand

3. Precede :PRE cede (pre sede’) v.

To go before

4. Precedent :PRE cedent (pres’ ed ent) n.

Something similar which happened before

5. Predecessor :PRE decessor (pred’ e ses or) n.

One who preceded another in office

6. Predict :PRE dict (pre dikt’) v.

Foretell; as, predict the weather

7. Precipitate :PRE cipitate (pre sip’ i tate) v.

To act hurriedly; to throw headlong

8. Preeminent :PRE eminent (pree em’ i nent) adj.

Supreme; above all others; as, a preeminent speaker

9. Prelude :PRE lude (prel’ yude) n.

A musical or dramatic introduction

10. Premonition :PRE monition (pre mo nish’ un) n.

A forewarning; an omen

11. Preoccupied :PRE occupied (pree ok’ yu pide) adj.

Already occupied; very busy

12. Preparatory :PRE paratory (pre par’ a tore ee) adj.

Introductory; as, a preparatory school

13. Prejudice :PRE judice (prej’ ud is) n.

Judgment before proof is given

14. Presage :PRE sage (pres’ ij) v.

To predict; prophesy

15. Preside :PRE side (pre zide’) v.

To occupy the leading place; as, preside at a meeting

16. Preserve :PRE serve (pre zerv’) v.

To keep secure from injury

17. Presume :PRE sume (pre zume’) v.

To take to onself a right before it has been granted

18. Pretender :PRE tender (pre ten’ der) n.

One who makes a claim; as, a pretender to a throne

19. Prevention :PRE vention (pre ven’ chun) n.

The act of intervening before trouble; as, prevention of crime

20. Precocious :PRE cocious (pre koe’ shus) adj.

Having ripened very early; as, a precocious child

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