prime & prim

ROOT-WORDS are PRIM & PRIME meaning FIRST. It comes from the Latin word primus (masc.), prima (fem.). This is a very important ROOT for most people. From the Metropolitan Opera to the ministry of states, to what hangs on the butcher’s hook, everyone wants it PRIME.

1. Primacy : PRIM acy (prime’ a see) n.

State of being first in rank

2. Prima Donna : PRIM a donna (prim a don’ a) n.

The first lady of opera

3. Prim age : PRIM age (prie’ mij) n.

Extra money paid to the captain by shippers for extra care of their goods

4. Primal : PRIM al (prie’ mal) adj.

First; original

5. Primary : PRIM ary (prie’ mal) adj.

First in order of time; as, the primary grades

6. Primarily : PRIM arily (prie mar’ i lee) adv.

In the first place; originally

7. Primate : PRIM ate (prie’ mate) n.

First in rank, quality, authority

8. Primate ship : PRIM ateship (prie’ mate ship) n.

Office of a primate; the first in dignity and authority

9. Primates : PRIM ates (pri’ mates) n.

The order of mammals consisting of man, monkey, etc

10. Primavera : PRIM avera (pree ma vay’ ra) n.

A light wood called white mahogany

11. Prime : PRIME (prime) adj.

The foremost; the best; as, prime beef

12. Primer : PRIM er (prim’ er) n.

A small, elementary introductory book to teach reading

13. Primeval : PRIM eval (prie me’ val) adj.

Belonging to the first ages; as, “This is the forest primeval . . . . “ (Longfellow)

14. Primitive : PRIM itive (prim’ it iv) adj.

From the earliest times

15. Primogenitor : PRIM ogeniotr (prie moe jen’ it ur) n.

The earliest ancestor

16. Primogeniture : PRIMO geniture (prie moe jen’ i chur) n.

State of being the first-born of parents

17. Primo prime : PRIMO prime (prie’ mo prime) adj.

The very first; strictly original

18. Primordial : PRIM ordial (prie mord’ ee al) adj.

Elemental; fundamental; as, primordial rights

19. Primatial : PRIM atial (prie ma’ shul) adj.

Having primacy



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