Questions beginning with WHOSE

Questions beginning with WHOSE :

Whose + do + (You, They, We) + verb?

1. Whose umbrella do you take?
2. Whose house do they live in?
3. Whose letter do you type?
4. Whose books do you bind?
5. Whose letters do you receive?
6. Whose place do they go?
7. Whose parent do they meet?
8. Whose table do we take?
9. Whose place do we occupy?
10. Whose chair do we get?
11. Whose pen do you borrow for this exam?

Corresponding Answers :

I take Mohan's umbrella.
They live in Babu’s house.
I type Ram's letter.
I bind Ravi's books.
I receive my neighbour s letter.
They go to their relatives place.
They meet my parent.
We take his book.
We occupy Manager's place.
We get the superior's chair.
I borrow my father’s pen for this exam.

Whose + I + does + (He, She, Ram) + verb?

1. Whose book does he take?
2. Whose pen does Seema use?
3. Whose shirt does Prom wear?
4. Whose address does Ramya take?
5. Whose books does Meera bind?
6. Whose letter does she post?
7. Whose phone does he use?
8. Whose letter does he type?
9. Whose house does she reside in?
10. Whose mobile does she talk?
11. Whose can does she use for traveling to Ooty?

Corresponding Answers :

He takes Ravi's book.
Seema uses Meena’s pen.
Preena wears his friend's shirt.
Ramya takes Neela's address.
Meera binds my books.
She posts Patap's Letter.
He uses his friend's phone.
He types Sushmitha's letter.
She resides in Chandra's house.
She talks in her mobile.
She uses my car for traveling to Ooty.

Whose + did + (He, She, It, I, We, They, you, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. Whose pen did he take?
2. Whose house did she buy?
3. Whose shirt did you wear?
4. Whose book did you take?
5. Whose camera did you bring?
6. Whose letter did I post?
7. Whose umbrella did we take?
8. Whose house did they see?
9. Whose exam-papers did you evaluate?
10. Whose car did you purchase last month?
11. Whose computer did you repaired last night?

Corresponding Answers :

He took Rama's pen.
She bought Sita's house.
I wore my brother's shirt.
I took Babu's book.
1 brought my sister's camera.
I posted my employer's letter.
We took Rajan's umbrella.
They saw their aunt's house.
I evaluated my students’ exam papers.
I purchased my sister’s car last month.
I repaired my uncle’s computer last night.

Questions beginning with WHOSE :


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