Questions beginning with WHY

Questions beginning with WHY :

Why + do + (You, They, I) + verb?

1. Why do you come here?
2. Why do you wait here?
3. Why do they go to market?
4. Why do you run?
5. Why do I call you?
6. Why do I come here?
7. Why do I stand here?
8. Why do they invite us?
9. Why do they blame you?
10. Why do they play you?
11. Why do you go there?
12. Why do they call me?

Why + does + (He, She, It, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. Why does Ram come to your house?
2. Why does he go there?
3. Why does Sita go to market?
4. Why does she go to post office?
5. Why does she go to bank?
6. Why does it be needed?
7. Why does she invite us?
8. Why does he blame me?
9. Why does he go there?
10. Why does she call me?
11 Why does It take rest?
12 Why does Ram go to bank?

Why + did + (He, She, It, You, They, we, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. Why did you go to market?
2. Why did he call you?
3. Why did he run?
4. Why did Ram go to Delhi?
5. Why did it stop here?
6. Why did it need oil?
7. Why did they come?
8. Why did we arrive?
9. Why did I go there?
10. Why did they call you?
11. Why did Seetha visit Mysore?
12. Why did you watch T.V?

Corresponding Answers :

I come here to take a book.
I wait here to meet the Manager.
They go to market to buy vegetables
I run to catch the bus.
You call me to talk.
I come here to buy soap.
I stand here for the bus.
They invite you for the manager.
They blame me with out reason.
They play for the cup.
I go there to see my friend.
They call me for help.

Ram comes to my house to take his books.
He goes there to meet his friend.
Sita goes to market to buy vegetables.
Six- goes to post office to buy some stamps.
She goes to bank to withdraw money.
It is needed for fine consuming.
She invites us for her birthday party.
He blames me because he hates me.
He goes there to sec his friend.
She calls me for help.
It runs continuously.
He goes to bank to deposit money.

I went to market to buy vegetables.
He called me to know the address.
He ran to catch the bus.
Ram went to Delhi to attend an interview.
It stopped here because of break down.
It needed oil to function.
They come to attend the function.
We arrived to see the tourist spot.
I went there to see my friend.
They called me for help.
Seetha visited Mysore to see the palace.
I watched T.V. to see the cricket match.

Questions beginning with WHY :


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