Questions that beginning with WHAT

Questions that beginning with WHAT :

What + have + (you, they, we & I) + past participle?

What have you received?
What have you asked for?
What have they taken from the shelf?
What have they kept on the table?
What have we sent to Ramu?
What have we wished to become?
What have I got?
What have I read?
What have I written?
What have you suggested?

What + had + (you, they, we, I, he, she, it, Aravind, Rama, Sir)) + past participle?

What had he taken?
What had he eaten?
What had Ram sent?
What had they printed?
What had they wanted?
What had she written?
What had she purchased?
What had Arvind taught?
What had they obtained?
What had I read?

What + has + (he, she, it, Aravind, Rama, Sita) + been + verb + ing?

What has he been doing?
What has she been reading?
What has he been doing?
What has she been doing?
What has Neeraj been doing?
What has it been searching?
What has it been looking for?
What has Gupta been learning?
What has Chandra been receiving?
What has Chandra been expecting?

What + have + (you, they, we, I) + been + verb + ing?

What have you been writing?
What have you been writing?
What have you been doing?
What have I been doing?
What have you been doing?
What have they been doing?
What have the boys been doing?
What have we been bringing?
What have I been telling?
What have we been preparing?

Corresponding Answers :

I have received a dictionary.
I have asked for a computer.
They have Liken the rubber stamp.
They have kept bags on the table.
We have sent a watch to Ramu.
We have wished to become a doctor.
I have got your gift.
I have read a novel.
I have written a novel.
You have suggested going fast.

He had taken the files.
He had eaten an apple.
Ram had sent a parcel.
They had printed the invitation.
They wanted new furniture.
She had written a letter.
She had purchased a ring.
Arvind had taught high philosophy.
They had obtained my permission.
I had read poetry.

He has been reading a novel.
She has been reading a newspaper.
He has been counting the books.
She has been cleaning the house.
Neeraj has been repairing his cycle.
It has been searching its prey.
It has been looking for the good one.
Gupta has been learning English.
Chandra has been receiving a parcel.
Chandra has been expecting her husband's parcel.

I have been writing a story.
We have been writing stories.
I have been reading.
We have been preparing notes.
I have been listening to music.
They have been attending the workshop.
The boys have been playing chess.
We have been bringing cars.
I have been telling my experience.
We have been preparing lunch.

Questions that beginning with WHAT

Questions that beginning with WHAT :


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