Questions that beginning with WHERE

Questions that beginning with WHERE :

Where + is + (He, She, It, Ram, Sita) + verb + ing?

1. Where is he going?
2. Where is he sitting?
3. Where is she coming from?
4. Where is he keeping the answer papers?
5. Where is Ram constructing his new house?
6. Where is Meera learning French language?
7. Where is it being available?
8. Where is it using?
9. Where is it going?
10. Where is Ram keeping his car?

Corresponding Answers :

He is going to the market.
He is sitting in the hall.
She is coming from Nagpur.
He is keeping the answer papers in the store room.
Ram is constructing his now house in Chennai.
Meera is learning French language in V.O.C Institute.
It is being available in Pondy Bazaar.
It is using in a burrow.
It is going to New Delhi.
Ram is keeping his car is his uncle’s house.

Where + are + (You, They, We) + verb + ing?

1. Where are you going?
2. Where are you coming from?
3. Where are they going?
4. Where are they buying the dresses?
5. Where are the boys waiting?
6. Where are you residing?
7. Where are we moving?
8. Where are we getting passport?
9. Where are we receiving parcel?
10. Where are we leaving?

Corresponding Answers :

I am going to the market.
I am coming from the temple.
They are going to the auditorium.
They are buying the dresses in Gandhi Nagar.
The boys are waiting at the station.
I am residing at Mambalam.
We are moving to the air port.
We are getting pass port from the passport office.
We are receiving parcel from the post office.
We are leaving for Chennai.

Where + was + (He, She, it, Ram, Sita) + verb + ing?

1. Where was he going?
2. Where was he coming from?
3. Where was Rajesh waiting?
4. Where was he trying to get a house?
5. Where was he keeping the files?
6. Where was Ram buying the dresses?
7. Where was she studying?
8. Where was she residing?
9. Where was Sita standing?
10. Where was it sitting?

Corresponding Answers :

He was going to the hospital.
He was coming from the temple.
Rajesh was waiting at the bus stop.
He was trying to get a house in Nehru Nagar.
He was keeping the files in the Manager's room.
Ram was buying the dresses in MNM textiles.
She was studying in a government school.
She was residing at Manamadurai.
Sita was standing under the tree.
It was sitting on the bench.

Questions that beginning with WHERE :


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