Questions with WHAT

Questions with WHAT :

What + are + (You, They, We) + verb + ing?

1. What are you buying?
2. What are you taking ?
3. What are you reading?
4. What are we writing?
5. What are we teaching?
6. What are we giving her?
7. What are they playing?
8. What arc they doing?
9. What arc they teaching?
10. What are they learning?

What + was + (He, She, It, Raja, Meena) + verb + ing?

1. What was he buying?
2. What was he reading?
3. What was he selling?
4. What was he taking?
5. What was Ram writing?
6. What was Ram doing?
7. What was Meera sending?
8. What was she doing?
9. What was Mcena doing?
10. What was Prashanth doing?

What + were + (You, They, We) +verb + ing?

1. What were you buying?
2. What were you buying?
3. What were you reading?
4. What were you reading?
5. What were the boys playing?
6. What were the girls doing?
7. What were they doing?
8. What were they doing?
9. What were they doing?
10. What were the boys doing?

What + has+ (He, She, It, Ram, Sita) + Past Participle?

1. What has he taken?
2. What has he left?
3. What has he bought?
4. What has Ram given?
5. What has Sita bought?
6. What has he ordered for?
7. What has she requested?
8. What has she done?
9. What has it taught?
10. What has it called?

Corresponding Answers :

I am buying a shirt.
I am taking a pencil.
I am reading a story.
We are writing a poem.
We are teaching science.
We are giving her a chocolate.
They are playing carom.
We are ironing their clothes.
I am teaching Mathematics.
They are learning French.

He was buying mangoes.
He was reading a story.
He was selling toys.
He was taking the key.
Ram was writing a poem.
Ram was cleaning the room.
Meera was sending a parcel.
She was arranging the books.
Meena was talking to her friend.
Prashanth was giving instructions.

I was buying a computer.
We were buying a computer.
We were reading stories.
I was reading a story.
The boys were playing hockey.
The girls were preparing for the exam.
They were painting the wall.
They were discussing important matter.
They were watching a movie.
The boys were studying.

He has taken a pen.
He has left his bag.
He has bought a car.
Ram has given a file.
Sita has bought a computer.
He has ordered for some books.
She has requested to permit her.
She has done a great mistake.
It has taught a word.
It has called its friend.

Questions with WHAT :


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