stet, sta, sist & stit

ROOT-WORDS are STA, STIT, SIST & STET meaning STAND. The reason for these various spellings is simply that the related Latin and Greek roots have varied spellings - stare, sister, stiti, steti, status. All these mean STAND. I notice there is no word with STET on the list. But obSTETries might have been added and there are others. STET, let it remain, is sometimes spelled SEAD. Often the final t in STIT is omitted (as in No.10), for the sake of euphony. Remember?

1. Assist : as SIST (a sist’) v.

To stand by with help

2. Circumstance : circum STA nce (sir’ kum stands) n.

A situation; a happening

3. Stamina : STA mina (stam’ i na) n.

Power to withstand, to endure

4. Constant : con STA nt (kon’ stand) adj.

Fixed; steady; as, constant as a star

5. Desist : de SIST (de zist’) v.

Cease; discontinue; quit

6. Distant : di STA nt (dis’ tant) adj.

Standing far off; as, a distant hill

7. Ecstasy : ec STA sy (ek’ sta see) n.

A state of being out of oneself for joy; repture

8. Interstices : inter STI ces (in ter’ sti seze) n.

Spaces between; cracks; as, the interstices of a wall

9. Obstacle : ob STA cle (ob’ sta k’l) n.

That which stands in the way; a hindrance

10. Obstinate : ob STI nate (ob’ sti nat) adj.

Standing against; stubborn

11. Persist : per SIST (per sist’) v.

Stand firmly; unyielding; continue

12. Resist : re SIST (re zist) v.

Withstand; as, resist all obstacles

13. Consist : con SIST (kon sist’) v.

To have the quality of; to be made of; as, coke consists mainly of carbon

14. Stanchion : STA nehion (stan’ chun) n.

A standing brace or support

15. Standard : STA ndard (stan’ dard) n.

A degree of quality which must be maintained

16. Stage : STA ge (staje) n.

A platform for actors to stand on

17. Subsist : sub SIST (sub sist’) v.

To endure; as, to subsist on charity

18. Substance : sub STA nee (sub’ stands) n.

The real nature of a thing which keeps it what it is

19. Substitute : sub STI tute (sub’ sti tute) v.

To stand in for another; take the place of

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