The end justifies the means.

The end justifies the means.

At times certain problems can be solved only by following wrong or unfair means. Although it could appear to be unfair, ultimately the result it brings will be beneficial for all concerned. In order to put down evil forces one will have to resort to means that may appear a bit wrong at times. The benefit achieved in the end will be so huge and good that the means employed will seem justified. Of course, care must be taken to see that no one is unduly hurt in the process.

Once there was a crow that lived with his wife in a huge tree in the jungle. The couple led a peaceful life until a large green snake make appeared and decided to stay in the hollow of the same tree. That’s when all the trouble started. When the crows went out in search of food, the snake would sneak up the tree and eat up their eggs and the little ones.

The crow couple was very upset and sad because of this. But they did not know how to fight the evil snake. They went to the wise owl living in the neighboring tree and sought his help. The wise owl said, "You can win over your enemy – the snake only if you are cunning. So stop worrying and follow my plan."

The next day the crow flew down to the palace and found the ladies of the royal family having their bath at the royal pool. They had kept all their jewels in a comer. The crow picked up an expensive diamond necklace and flew away.

The guards at the palace chased the crow. The crow dropped the necklace in the hollow of the tree where the snake lived. The crow knew that once the guards found the snake they would definitely kill it. The guards went to retrieve the necklace from the hollow of the tree as the crow had expected.

They disturbed the snake and it started hissing at them and the guards were frightened of the snake. They killed the snake and took the necklace out. Thus the crow got rid of the evil snake and lived in peace. The crow went to the wise owl and thanked it for its witty idea to get rid of the snake which was killing the future of the crow.

Although the snake did not steal the necklace it had to pay the price for being evil at heart.

The end justifies the means.


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