tract & trah

ROOT-WORDS are TRACT & TRAH meaning DRAW & PULL. It comes from the Latin trahere, to draw, pull. TRAH is rarely used. TRACT lends itself readily to combination with other ROOTS, as you see from the list. ABLE, ILE, ITY, TION, AT, IVE, OR, ABS, CON, DE, DIS, EX, RE, SUB & PRO are all old friends, more of less, a fine reunion. Just think of the performance when all these get into the act. What a company! And what a performance you’ll be able to give when you recognize them one an all!

1. Tractable : TRACT able (trak’ ta b’l) adj.

Can be handled

2. Tractile : TRACT ile (trak’ til) adj.

Can be drawn out; tensile

3. Tractability : TRACT ability (trak ta bil’ it ee) n.

The quality which makes handling possible

4. Intractable : in TRACT able (in trak’ ta b’l) adj.

Cannot be handled; inflexible

5. Traction : TRACT ion (trak; shun) n.

The act of pulling, hauling

6. Attract : at TRACT (a trakt’) v.

To draw toward; to allure

7. Attractive : at TRACT ive (a trak’ tiv) adj.

Alluring; as, an attractive beauty

8. Tractor : TRACT or (trak’ tor) n.

An automotive machine for farm work that pulls equipment

9. Abstract : abs TRACT (ab strakt’) v.

To draw away; as, to abstract the wallet from the purse

10. Contract : con TRACT (kon’ trakt) n.

An agreement that draws together; as, both signed the contract

11. Contractual : con TRACT ual (kon trak’ chu al) adj.

Relating to an agreement signed

12. Contraction : con TRACT ion (kon trak’ shun) n.

A drawing together; shrinkage

13. Detract : de TRACT (de trakt’) v.

To draw away from

14. Distract : dis TRACT (dis trakt’) v.

To draw away; as, distract the mind

15. Extract : ex TRACT (eks trakt’) v.

To draw out; as, extract a tooth

16. Retract : re TRACT (re trakt’) v.

To draw back; as, retract the accusation

17. Subtract : sub TRACT (sub trakt’) v.

To take away; as, subtract 5 from 9

18. Subtrahend : sub TRAH end (sub’ tra hend) n.

The number to be drawn away from another; as, in a subtraction example

19. Protract : pro TRACT (pro trakt’) v.

Draw further; drag out; as, protract a case

20. Protractive : pro TRACT ive (pro tak’ tiv) adj.

Causing delay; as, protractive tactics in court

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