You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can not Make it Drink.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can not Make it Drink.

The proverb stresses the fact that the learned and the wise are always witting to help us with useful advice. We should take this advice seriously and mould ourselves for the better. We need to put in our efforts to make best use of their advice, ideas and suggestions to lead a successful life. No one can bring about positive changes in our life unless we are open to accept it. Others can only show us the means and opportunities. It is up to us to utilize them. Here the term HORSE is used just as an euphemism.

Once there was a boy called Rohit who was very good at sports. He loved to play all outdoor games like football and tennis but his favorite game was cricket. He played for the school team and performed excellently in every match. Every one who saw his play was sure that he would one day become a great cricketer.

But the only problem with Rohit was that he never paid attention to cleanliness. His mother and his teachers tried their best to make him realize the importance of cleanliness but to no avail.

“Rohit, please have your bath before you sit down to eat," his mother would say every time when he returned home from a match or a practice session.

But Rohit would always ignore the good advice and start eating with his unclean hands. This made his mother very angry because he often fell sick due to infections.

One day Rohit was informed by his school principal that he had to appear for the selections of the Under-12 State Cricket Team. Rohit was very excited since it was a great opportunity to realize his dream of playing for the State. The whole school was proud of Rohit since they knew that he would certainly get selected.

But on the day of the trial Rohit found himself down with high fever and diarrhea. The doctor said that Rohit had severe stomach infection and that he was in no position to go for the trials. Rohit was completely shattered and in tears. He realized what a costly mistake he had made in not listening to his mother’s advice on cleanliness. His foolishness had made him lose a golden opportunity. He had to wait for another such opportunity to get selected for the State Cricket Team. From that day Rohit decided that he would put in his best efforts to keep himself and his surroundings absolutely clean.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can not Make it Drink.


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