Adjectival Phrases

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The adjectival phrases function as adjectives.

It does the work of an adjective.

It qualifies the noun or the pronoun.

Examples :

  1. The girl with blue eyes is my sister.

  2. He is a soldier of great abilities.

  3. A stitch in time saves nine.

  4. I saw a bird of a rare species.

  5. A girl of high level of intelligence is what is needed for this company.

  6. Do not forget to invite him who invited us all to his wedding.

  7. This is the school with all the infrastructures and all the modern facilities.

  8. An apple a day saves your life for a long time to come.

  9. The teacher with wide acceptance and admiration among the students is Mr. Ram.

  10. We have to meet Mr. Raja who has joined our company today morning.

(The boldened parts are the Adjectival Phrases)

The other two kinds of Phrases are :

  1. Noun Phrases

  2. Adverbial Phrases

Grammar Index : 2

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