Adverbial Phrases

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The adverbial phrases function as adverbs.

It is a modifier.

It modifies verb or an adjective or another adverb.

Examples :

  1. The Sun rises in the east.

  2. He walks not along with us.

  3. Man set foot on the moon.

  4. The carpenter hit the nail with a hammer.

  5. The woman who lives next door is a doctor.

  6. We must finish our project before the holidays.

  7. Jodie buys two CDs every month.

  8. Jack bought the flowers for his mother.

  9. I'm saving my money to buy a car.

  10. The students all showed up to support the team.

  11. Sally brought a painting home from school to show to her mother.

  12. The stone fell on the ground.

  13. This practice existed in ancient times.

boldened parts are the adverbial phrases)

The other two kinds of Phrases are :

  1. Noun Phrases

  2. Adjectival Phrase

Grammar Index : 2

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