Advise : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Verb )

If you advise your son on this matter, he will not like it.


1. Warn

2. Admonish

3. Recommend

4. Counsel

5. Suggest

6. Prompt

Contextual Examples:

India has warned Pakistan that any accumulation of warms will go against its own interest.

His officer admonished him for carelessness in handling the official work.

The measures now recommended by the Planning Commission to improve the Pakistan economy are very practical.

One has to repent if one goes against the counsel of elders.

He could not suggest even a single practicable solution for resolving the problem.

He was prompted by his father to embark upon such an ambitious plan.


1. Deter

2. Dissuade

3. Restrain

4. Hinder

5. Discourage

6. Criticize

Contextual Examples:

This warning need not deter the brave but rather prepare them to face the even more bravely.

Mohan continues dissuading his son from going to USA.

I had to restrain my outbursts on the arrival of the unwanted guest.

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