Annexation : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Noun )

Annexation of part of India by China in 1962 was condemned by United Nations.


1. Increase

2. Expansion

3. Supplement

4. Augmentation

5. Accession

6. Extension

7. Appendix

Contextual Examples:

The expenses of man
increase with income.

There is much more
expansion in gases than in liquids or in solids.

The scientists are now engaged in supplementing the efforts of agriculturists for
augmentation of produce.

India has occasionally protested the
accession of its territories by China in its 1962 attack.

In the view of the unabated local
disturbance extension of curfew another 24 hours was announced.

The note should be brief and precise. The details may be added as an
appendix if necessary.


1. Decrease

2. Contraction

3. Curtailment

4. Subtraction

5. Diminution

6. Reduction

7. Fall

Contextual Examples:

India’s annual death rate had greatly
decreased since Independence owing to better medical and health facilities made available to the common people.

A gap is left between rails to provide for expansion and
contraction of steel.

There is
curtailment of demand for goods even with increase in prices.

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