Assertive Sentences

Grammar Index : 2

Assertive sentences are simple sentences.

They state a fact or thought or an opinion or direction.

Examples :

  1. The parrot is a beautiful bird.

  2. The Sun shines bright.

  3. They live in Chennai.

  4. Shivaji was a great king.

  5. Today is Sunday.

  6. It is very hot today.

  7. We have to go to Mexico.

  8. You are a good player of cricket.

  9. The Amazon is the longest river.

  10. Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

  11. I want to bur a car by this year.

  12. His father is a Minister.

  13. You are the best student of Math.

  14. I have to take home-tutoring to increase my grade in Math.

  15. She loves you.

The other three kinds of Sentences are :

  1. Interrogative Sentences

  2. Imperative Sentences

  3. Exclamatory Sentences

Grammar Index : 2

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