Imperative Sentences

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The sentence which expresses order, command, request, advice or suggestion is called an Imperative sentence.

Examples :

  1. Open the door. (Order)

  2. Don't talk. (Order)

  3. Shoot down the enemy. (Command)

  4. Please help me. (Request)

  5. Try, try again. (Advice)

  6. Let's go for a walk. (Suggestion)

  7. Be in college by 10am. (Order)

  8. Study well for your forthcoming examinations. (Advice)

  9. Don’t disturb the elders in your family. (Request)

The other three kinds of Sentences are :

  1. Assertive Sentences

  2. Interrogative Sentences

  3. Exclamatory Sentences

Grammar Index : 2

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