Attract : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Verb )

Bright colors
attract babies.


1. Allure

2. Bewitch

3. Captivate

4. Charm

5. Decoy

6. Draw

7. Enchant

8. Endear

9. Engage

10. Entice

11. Fascinate

12. Incline

13. Induce

14. Interest

15. Invite

16. Lure

17. Tempt

Contextual Examples:

Deepak was
bewitched by her beauty.

She is a woman of great

He managed to
endear himself to everybody.

Advertisements are designed to
entice people into spending money.

She was
fascinated to discover that once she lived in China.

Handsome salary is used as a lure to
attract skilled staff.

They tried to
tempt her with offers of promotion.


1. Disgust

2. Give one the creeps

3. Put one off

4. Repel

5. Repulse

6. Revolt

7. Reject

8. Deter

9. Check

10. Rebuff

11. Detest

Contextual Examples:

The idea of smoking fills me with

detests having to get up early.

Her kindness to him was met with cruel

Same magnetic poles
repel each other.

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