Grammar Index : 2

A clause is a group of words that forms part of a sentence with a subject and a predicate of its own.

Examples :

  • He went to the doctor.

  • We have to take a decision by today.

  • You are welcome to our college.

  • Please, pay attention to what he says.

  • She has taken permission.

  • The dog that bites does not bark.

  • He replied that he would come.

  • As he was ill, he did not come to school.

  • He fled where his pursuers could not follow.

  • He is the tallest student in this whole college.

  • There are Two Types of Clause. They are :

    1. The Main Clause

    2. The Subordinate Clause

    The Other Four Units of English are :

    1. Letter

    2. Word

    3. Phrase

    4. Sentence

    Grammar Index : 2

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