Magazine and Journal

What is the difference between Magazine and Journal?

When first used, the word journal referred to a daily publication which gave an account of the events that happened the previous day. It was like a newspaper. Nowadays, the word is used to refer to any publication that is brought out at regular intervals.

For example, a journal can be a monthly, quarterly etc. The articles contained in a journal can be a monthly, quarterly, etc. The articles contained in a journal are usually scholarly serious in nature and deal with a specialized area. For example, we have the journal of linguistics, journal of writing, etc.

A Magazine on the other hand doesn’t limit itself to one area. It deals with various subjects – politics, entertainment and sports. Since the articles are about sports and since the articles are meant for the general public, they are much shorter and are usually accompanied by photographs. Outlook, Frontline, and Sport star are all magazines, not journals. And like the journal, they too are brought out at regular intervals.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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