All of us use Proverbs both in our writings and in our speech to emphasise the points that we make. The appropriate use of them indicates our depth of knowledge and our command over English language.We have to be careful in using them. Inappropriate uses of them will damage our reputation.Here the complete list of proverbs has been given for your reference. You are welcome to take note of them and use them appropriately.

If properly used, proverbs will add beauty and authenticity to our writings. If Pronoun is something that substitutes a noun, a proverb should evidently come in the place of a verb. But verbs are action words. And so a proverb must relate to the action you are taking or going to take. They tell you, like the traffic signals, to pause, ponder and proceed. To this category belong Aesop's fables. Their aim is, like that of a religion, to advise and help man to lead a harmonious life - free from friction, disappointment and distress, in the policy of understanding and adjustment. Treat others as you would others unto you. Can there be anything more proper, urgent and realistic than this?

Another feature of a proverb is that they are concise in construction, effective in presentation and above all easy to recollect and remember.

To this category of proverbs, axioms too belong. They are self evident and undisputed truths of life. So, with this aim - the little way we can, to make our life much better and less erroneous, we are bringing out this page. The special feature of this page is that it is presented with Key-Words.


Key-Words Based Proverbs

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