Nuptial & Eater’s Coma

Nuptial : How is this word pronounced?

The u in the first syllable sounds like the u in the first syllable pup and cup. The t is pronounced like the sh in sheep, ship and show. The ia that follows sounds like the a in China and the stress is on the first syllable . The word sounds like nupshell. It is considered rather old fashioned and is mainly used jocularly to refer to things related to a person’s wedding ceremony.

• I had to laugh when the old woman referred to her bedroom as her nuptial chamber.

What is the meaning of Eater’s Coma?

This is a type of coma that we have all experienced some time or the other. How do we normally feel after a particularly heavy meal? Most of the time, we feel pretty sluggish. We don’t feel like doing anything. After sometime, we begin to feel rather sleepy. This lazy and sleepy felling that we have after a heavy meal is called Eater’s coma.

• If I eat everything that is on the table I’ll lapse into an either’s coma.


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