Sotto Voce

Sotto Voce : How is this expression pronounced?

The first o in sotto is like the o in hot, got, and pot. The second is like the o in go, so and no. The o in voce is pronounced like the second o in sotto. The c that follows is like the ch in Child and chips. The final e is like the I in bit, pit and hit. The Main stress is on the first syllable of voce. The word comes from Italian.

Sotto Means under and Voce means voice.

When you say something sotto voice, you say it in a soft voice. When what you say is spoken in a low volume, you speak softly out of the corner of your mouth, so that you are not overheard by anyone. The word is considered literary, and is mostly used in formal contexts.

• During the principal’s speech, several students made snide remarks sotto voce.


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