English Phrases : The Officer Concerned

Is not there a difference between The Officer Concerned and the concerned officer?

Yes, there is. When you talk about
the concerned officer, you are talking about the officer who is worried. The man is concerned or worried about something. When there is a plane or train accident, you will have concerned relatives/friends ringing up the airport or the railway station. When you talk about the officer concerned, you are talking about the officer who is in charge of a particular department/section. For example, you might go to the sanitation department and meet the officer concerned. In other words, you meet the officer in the sanitation department who deals in the matter that you are interested in.

• When I went to school I met the concerned teacher. (The teacher was worried.)
• When I went to school, I met the teacher concerned. (I met the teacher I wanted to meet. The teacher with whom I had some work.)

• The concerned parents met the IAS officer concerned.
• The captain talked to the players concerned.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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