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Then, taking a jarful of boiling oil, Morgantina poured it over the head of a robber. She then poured the oil over every one of the robbers and, in this way, wiped out the whole band. Then she hid in a comer.

A little later, the leader of the robber band hurried into the courtyard to give the signal to attack. But when he raised the lids, he found to his terror that every one of his men was dead. Horrified, he could not fathom what trap he had fallen into. The robber fled into the night.

Next morning, Morgantina told Ali Baba of her adventure. "I will never be able to thank you enough!" exclaimed Ali Baba. "You are an amazing girl. From this second you are no longer a slave… but a free member of this household."

The dead men were buried under cover of darkness and Ali Baba was sure he had nothing more to fear. The leader of the robber band, however, had recovered from his shock and was eager for revenge.

So he shaved off his beard changed his looks and disguised himself as a carpet seller. At the market, he met Tabit, Ali Baba s son, who took a liking to him. "Sooner or later this silly chap will invite me home," said the false carpet seller, "then I can murder them all." "That merchant has sold you some fine carpets very cheaply," remarked Ali Baba to his son, “Ask him to come to the house."

When Morgantina saw the guest, she felt sure his face was familiar. Then she remembered. The carpet seller and the leader of the band were one and the same person. Without saying a word, she went back to the kitchen, but later she asked Ali Baba if she might dance for the guest. "If you like," said Ali Baba. When coffee was served. Morgantina entered in a swirl of veils to the beat of her tambourine. In her right hand she held a knife. As she stopped dancing, she thrust the knife into the carpet seller's heart. "He's one of the robbers!" she cried. "I know his face. He would have killed us all.' Morgantina had once more saved their lives!

Tabit hugged her, little knowing that his joy would soon turn to love and that they would marry. Ali Baba was the only person left who knew the secret of the treasure. He made wise use of it for many years. But he never told anyone the magic words that would open the cave of the Forty Thieves.

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Ali Baba and 40 Thieves :


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