bene,bon & boun

ROOT-WORDS are BENE,BOUN & BON which means WELL & GOOD. As you see, the list is composed of ten words with each ROOT. Words No. 14, 15, 16 come from the French and they are really French, but the ROOT-BON comes from the Latin, to the French.

1. Benefit : BENE fit (ben’ e fit) n.

An advantage; as, the job has fringe benefits

2. Benefiter : BENE fiter (bon’ e fit er) n.

One who benefits; as the employee is the benefiter

3. Beneficial : FENE ficial (ben e fish’ al) adj.

Wholesome; as, bathing is beneficial

4. Benefactor : BENE factor (ben’ e fak tor) n.

One who benefits others

5. Benefaction : BENE faction (ben e fak’ shun) n.

A gift; a donation

6. Benefactress : BENE factress (ben’ e fak tres) n.

A female benefactor

7. Benedict : BENE dict (ben’ e dikt) n.

A male name which means “Blessed"

8. Benediction : BENE diction (ben e dik’ shun) n.

A blessing

9. Benefice : BENE fice (ben’ e fis) n.

The gift of an income to a priest of a church

10. Benevolent : BENE volent (be nev’ o lent) adj.

Being good hearted; a well-wisher

11. Bonny : BON ny (bob’ y) adj.

Sweet and attractive; as, a bonny child

12. Bonus : BON us (boe’ nus) n.

Extra benefits, usually extra pay

13. Bonanza : BON anza (bo nan’ za) n.

An unusually rich vein of gold or silver in a mine

14. Bonbon : BON bon (bon’ bon) n.

A small candy

15. Bonbonniere : BON bonniere (bon no nyar’) n.

A fancy dish or box for bonbons

16. Bon mot : BON mot (bone moe’) n.

A witty remark or repartee

17. Bonify : BON ify (bon’ i fie) n.

To convert into good

18. Bounty : BOUN ty (bount’ ee) n.

A reward; a gift; generosity

19. Bountiful : BOUN tiful (bount’ i ful) adj.

Generous; munificent

20. Bountifully : BOUN tifully (bount’ i fu lee) adv.


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