ROOT-WORD is HELIO which comes from the Greek Helios SUN. From this root we enrich our vocabulary with words from photography, sun worship, the science of the sun, sunbathing, sub-therapy and sunflowers. In Greek Mythology Helios, the Sun-god drove his sub-chariot across the sky every morning. In our day sun-therapy cures rickets, tuberculosis, and is a preventative of many ills. The fragrant heliotrope is a garden favorite, and sunflower seeds are healthful.

1. Heliocentric : HELIO centric (he lee o sen’ trik) adj.

Having relation to the center of the sun

2. Heliochrome : HELIO chrome (he’ lee o krome) n.

A naturally colored photograph

3. Heliochromoscope: HELIO chromoscope (he li o kro’ mo skope) n.

Instrument to produce photos in natural colors

4. Heliochromy : HELIO chromy (he’ li o kro mi) n.

Color photography

5. Heliodon : HELIO don (he’ li o don) n.

A device to illustrate what seems to be the Sun’s motion

6. Heliodor : HELIO dor (he’ li o dor) n.

Yellow beryl found in South Africa

7. Heliofugal : HELIO fugal (he li of’ yu gal) adj.

Tending away from the sun

8. Heliograph : HELIO graph (he’ lee o graf) n.

An instrument for using the sun’s rays; as, a mirror for telegraphing

9. Heliogram : HELIO gram (he’ lee o gram) n.

The message transmitted by heliograph

10. Helioid : HELIO id (he’ li oid) adj.

Like the sun

11. Heliolatry : HELIO latry (he lee ol’ a tree) n.

Sun worship

12. Heliology : HELIO logy (he li ol’ o ji) n.

Science of the sun

13. Heliophilous : HELIO philous (he li of’ i lus) adj.


14. Heliophobic : HELIO phobic (he li o foe’ bik) adj.

Fearing the sub; shade-loving

15. Heliophyte : HELIO phyte (he’ li o fite) n.

Plant growing in sunlight

16. Helioscope : HELIO scope (he’ li o skope) n.

A dark lens telescope to view the sun while protecting the eyes

17. Heliosis : HELIO sis (he li o’ sis) n.

Sunburn; sunstroke

18. Heliotherapy : HELIO therapy (he li o ther’ a pi) n.

Use of sunbaths to cure disease

19. Heliothermometer: HELIO thermometer(he li o ther mom’ e ter) n.

Instrument to measure the intensity of solar radiation

20. Heliotrope : HELIO trope (hele’ ee o trope) n.

A plant which turns to the sun

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