ROOT-WORD is the Prefix PER which means THROUGH. It is a very useful one. Small as it is, it speaks a mouthful, and every time. Whether it is a matter of paying toll PER capita, or taking down words PER minute, working for a PERcentage, or making coffee in your PERcolator, this little one is working for you. It is a great favorite in Latin phrases.

1. Per annum :PER annum (per an’ um) adv.

In each year; for each year

2. Per capita :PER capita (per kap’ it a) adv.

For each head; by each unit of population

3. Perforated :PER forated (per’ for rate ed) adj.

Bored through; as, perforated paper

4. Perennial :PER ennial (pe ren’ ee al) adj.

Through the years; year after year

5. Peradeventure :PER adventure (per ad ven’ chur) n.

A matter of chance; uncertainty

6. Peregrinate :PER egrinate (per’ e grin ate) c.

To walk through; to travel; especially, on foot

7. Perambulate :PER ambulate (pe ram’ byu late) v.

Walk through; traverse; promenade

8. Perceive :PER ceive (per seve’) v.

To understand; to take cognizance of

9. Perception :PER caption (per sep’ shun) n.

Act of knowing truths; insight; awareness

10. Perceptive :PER captive (per sep’ tiv) adj.

Having keen perception

11. Percolate :PER collate (per’ ko late) v.

To drip through; to filter

12. Percent :PER cent (per sent’) n.

The parts in the hundred

13. Percentage :PER centage (per sent’ ij) n.

Rate of interest; so many per hundred

14. Percurrent :PER current (per kur’ ent) adj.

Running through; as the midrib of a leaf

15. Percussion :PER cussion (per kush’ un) n.

The striking of sound; as, the drum and the piano are percussion instruments

16. Percussive :PER cussive (per kus’ iv) adj.

Operated by percussion; as, the percussive force

17. Peremptory :PER emptory (pe remp’ to ree) adj.

Final; with authority; as, a peremptory command

18. Perfection :PER fection (per fek’ shun) n.

Thoroughly made; state of complete development

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