ROOT-WORD is the Prefix PSEUDO which means FALSE & UNTRUE. Here we have illusion, falsity, and falsehood. Try No. 14 on a liar. Unless he has read this book, he may think it a compliment.

1. Pseudosim : PSEUDO ism (sue’ doe iz um) n.

A tendency to that which is false

2. Pseudonym : PSEUDO nym (sude’ on im) n.

A name adopted by an author for his writings; a pen name

3. Pseudonymal : PSEUDO nymal (sue don’ i mal) adj.

Relating to a pen name

4. Pseudonymity : PSEUDO nymity (sue do nim’ i ti) n.

The use of a pen name by an author

5. Pseudonymous : PSEUDO nymous (sue don’ i mus) adj.

Using a fictitious name

6. Pseudodox : PSEUDO nymous (Sue don’ i mus) adj.

Using a fictitious name

7. Pseudogyny : PSEUDO gyny (su doj’ i ni) n.

The use of a feminine name by a male author

8. Pseudolatry : PSEUDO latry (sue dol’ a tri) n.

False worship

9. Pseudograph : PSEUDO graph (sue’ doe graf) n.

A false document

10. Pseudomorph : PSEUDO morph (sude’ o morf) n.

An irregular or deceptive form

11. Pseudomania : PSEUDO mania (sue do may’ ni a) n.

A mania for making false statements; also exaggerations

12. Pseudology : PSEUDO logy (sue dol’ o ji) n.

Lying; falsehood

13. Pseudological : PSEUDO logical (Sue do loj’ i kal) adj.


14. Pseudologist : PSEUDO logist (sue dol’ o jist) n.

A liar

15. Pseudoptics : PSEUDO ptics (su dop’ tiks) n.

The branch of psychology which treats optical illusions

16. Pseudopsia : PSEUDO psia (Sue dop’ si a) n.

False vision; optical illusion

17. Pseudoclassic : PSEUDO classic (sude o klas’ ik) adj.

Pretending to be a classic

18. Pseudosmia : PSEUDO smia (sue doz’ mi a) n.

A false sense of smell

19. Pseudographize : PSEUDO graphize (sue’ doe gra fize) v.

Write or print incorrectly

20. Pseudoacromegaly: PSEUDO acromegaly(sue do ak ro meg’ a li) adj.

Resembling, but not, acromegaly

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