ROOT-WORD is PUNCT which comes from the Latin punctum, meaning POINT & DOT. Every word on this list is important, and you will find many more to recognize yourself. It takes you from the PUNCTuation of a sentence to the PUNCTure of a tire, to the PUNCT of a discussion, to the PUNCTographi printing for the blind and to the marvelous quality of PUNCTuality.

1. Punch : PUNCT (punkt) n.

A point; an element in discussion

2. Punctal : PUNCT al (punk’ tal) adj.

Relating to a point

3. Punctuate : PUNCT uate (punk’ chu ate) v.

To place a point at the end of a sentence

4. Punctuation : PUNCT uation (punk chu ay’ shun) n.

The act of punctuating

5. Punctuative : PUNCT uative (punk’ tue ay tiv) adj.

Relating to punctuation

6. Punctuator : PUNCT uator (punk’ chu ate or) n.

One who punctuates a text

7. Punctiform : PUNCT iform (punk’ ti form) adj.

Having the form of a point or a dot

8. Punctilio : PUNCT ilio (punkt il’ i o) n.

Exactness; precision if form

9. Punctilious : PUNCT ilious (punk til’ ee us) adj.

Most particular, very precise

10. Compunction : com PUNCT ion (kom punk’ shun) n.

Remorse; twinges of guilt

11. Punctographic : PUNCT ographic (punk to graf’ ik) adj.

Like the point writing and printing for the blind; Braile

12. Punctual : PUNCT ual (punk’ chu al) adj.

Being exactly on time

13. Punctuality : PUNCT uality (punk chu al’ it ee) n.

The quality of being exactly on time

14. Punctualness : PUNCT ualness (punk’ chu al nes) n.

The same as No.13

15. Punctuator : PUNCT ator (punk’ tay tor) n.

One who marks with points; as, the vowel points in Hebrew texts

16. Punctum : PUNCT um (punk’ tum) n.

A dot; a point

17. Puncture : PUNCT ure (punk’ chur) v.

To pierce with a pointed instrument

18. Punctate : PUNCT ate (punk’ tate) adj.

Ending in a point

19. Unpunctuated : un PUNCT uated (un punk’ tue ate ed) adj.

Not punctuated; as, an unpunctuated sentence

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