vale, val & valu

ROOT-WORDS are VALE, VAL & VALU meaning STRENGTH, WORTH & VALOR - all good things. The Latin valeo & valere mean all these fine things, and the English words have retained and sustained the values inherent in the originals. Only a negative Prefix can abate the splendid quality this ROOT describes.

1. Valetude : VALE tude (val’ e tude) n.

Health’ strength; state of health

2. Valetudinarian : VALE tudinarian (val e tude in ar’ ee an) n.

A sickly person worried constantly about his health (refer the word hypochondria in the list of words under the ROOT-WORD-hypo)

3. Valedictory : VALE dictory (val e dik’ to ree) n.

A farewell address at graduation

4. Valedictorian : VALE dictorian (val e dik tor’ ee an) n.

The one who give the valedictory

5. Valediction : VALE diction (val e dik’ shun) n.

A farewell

6. Valiant : VAL iant (val’ yant) n.

A person who is brave; honorable

7. Equivalent : equi VAL ent (e kwiv’ a lent) adj.

Of equal value; as, a dime is the equivalent of ten pennies

8. Valiancy : VALI ancy (val’ yan see) n.

The quality of bravery; valor

9. Valid : VALI d (val’ id) adj.

Strong; legally correct

10. Validity : VALI dity (va lid’ it ee) n.

Truth; legal strength

11. Validate : VALI date (val’ i date) v.

Make valid; approve legally; declare

12. Validation : VALI dation (val i day’ to ri) adj.

Relating to a validation

13. Validatory : VALI datory (val i day’ to ri) adj.

Relating to a validation

14. Valor : VAL or (val’ or) n.

Value; worth; as, a woman of valor

15. Valorous : VAL orous (val’ o rus) adj.

Having the quality of valor; brave

16. Valorization : VAL orization (val o ri zay’ shun) n.

Government subsidy for support of the prices of a commodity

17. Ad valorem : ad VAL orem (ad va lore’ em).

Latin; according to market value

18. Value : VAL ue (val’ yue) n.

Purchasing price; actual worth

19. Evaluate : e VAL nate (e val’ yu ate) v.

Find out the value; appraise actual worth

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