10 Commandments


Successful Marriage

The 10 Commandments of Successful Marriage are :

    Judge Joseph Sabbath, after twenty year's experience in presiding over what he called "the nightmare world of the divorce courts," framed ten commandments of a successful marriage which, he predicted, could prevent at least ninety percent of marital smash-ups:

  1. Bear and forbear.

  2. Work together, play together, and grow up together.

  3. Avoid the little quarrels, and the big ones will take care of themselves.

  4. Compromise (give and take). It is the antitoxin of divorce.

  5. Practice sympathy, good humour and mutual understanding.

  6. Don't grouch before breakfast or after it.

  7. Respect your "in-laws," but don't criticize them or take criticism from them.

  8. Establish your own home, even in a one room flat.

  9. Fight for each other, but not with each other.

  10. Build your home on religious faith, with love and forgiveness as the watchword.

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