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Business Letters is going to happen in everybody’s life either today or in the future. All of us, those who are in the field of business, are writing business letter. But only few of these letters fetch the expected results. All other letters are wasted into dustbin. Because, only few of us are gifted with the skills of writing the results-producing business letter. Others write the business letter without knowing the consequences of the bad manner in which we write the letter.

But the art of writing a business letter is not a rocket science which needs extraordinary knowledge to master.
Every individual who are in the field of business can learn it just in few days. First they have to understand the basics and practice them in every opportunity. Over a period of time, they will become master of the art and they will start teaching the art to others.

How to draft Business Letters?

The letter should be written in the
appropriate letter head which should carry the company’s address and the name of the person who writes the letter. In the absence of such a company’s letter head, an A4 white paper is enough. In that case the complete postal address of the company and the name of the person who writes the letter should be clearly mentioned. The absence of this information will create suspect in the addressee. This kind of negative image should be avoided at any cost in order to maintain the dignity of the company.

the date on which the letter is written should be mentioned so that the letter will be kept for future reference. This date-matter will give the addressee a fair idea about the urgency, if any, of the matter that the letter carries.

the address of the person to whom you write this letter should be mentioned. His/her designation should be mentioned so that the letter will get the touch of professionalism. If a letter is addressed to an individual rather than to the designated person, in the future the letter may go invalid.

The reference number, if any, (the reference number means if the letter is in continuation to any other previous letter, the date of the previous letter can be treated as the reference number) should be mentioned so that you can right away go into the subject mater of the letter.

proper salutation should be used to address the addressee. Dear Sir is the usually used salutation. In the case of a lady, use Dear Madam.

In the absence of the reference number and in the case of drafting a new letter, you should mention in the first paragraph itself the subject matter of the letter. You need not present all the matters in depth in the first paragraph itself. Just
brief introduction will do.

In the next paragraph, write
the subject matter clearly in a simple language and in an unambiguous style. Since a business letter is only a tool to make few business-things done, brevity is what all the business-people expect in the letter that they receive.

Never beat around the bush. Simply be brief in your communication. Whether you purchase goods or you introduce your company or you bring the mistake in the accounts to the attention of the addressee, you should be brief.

Use the final paragraph to
wind up the letter. Never hesitate to be forceful in you communication. Any lethargic approach will not be tolerated by the addressee. Only forceful and firm people are respected by the eminent business people.

Use the correct form of
leave-taking. Yours sincerely and yours cordially are the widely used forms of leave taking. Use any one of them.

Then add your
signature in the proper place. The letter without the signature of the writer will be treated by the addressee. It carries no weight. Please keep in mind to add your official signature before you put the letter in the postal cover.

check the spelling of your letter. You can at least use your computer to do this job. But do not rely on the computer soft-ware. You should do the job for yourself so that you will remain assured. If you find that your English is not up to the mark, it is better for you to learn English using an online English course.

Use a clean and
appropriate cover to post the letter. Your official cover can be preferred. Paste the cover. Write the addresses of your addressee and yours in the appropriate places.

adequate stamps. If not, the letter may bounce. What will be a disgrace to you that a bounced letter.

Follow this method every time you write a business letter. Then you will become your real master of your business.

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