Beauties of English

Beauties of English are many. Every Language has its own beauties and peculiarities. English is not an exempted one. Being an international language spoken by more than two billion people around the world, English is growing in different directions day by day and hour by hour. It is impossible for a single person to note down all the beauties and peculiarities of English.

A simple attempt has been made by us to present few of the beauties and peculiarities of English as we come across them during our long period of association with English. We acknowledge our sources from where we have taken few materials which are copyrighted.

Many eminent writers and experts have contributed in great measures to enrich this language. It is impossible to mention the names of all those great personalities of English. Any how, we thank them all.

  1. The Greatest Language of the World
  2. A was an archer
  3. A Curious Discourse between 25 letters in a Dinnet Time
  4. Verbalising Faculty of English
  5. Cries of Animals and Birds
  6. Symbols of Animals
  7. One Word for Many : Collective Nouns
  8. The Names of Male and Female Animals
  9. Names of Baby Animals
  10. One Word for Many
  11. Beautiful Expressions
  12. More Than Five Senses
  13. Some Couplets are more elegant.
  14. In How Many Senses can the words be used?
  15. How Many Senses are there in English?
  16. Strange Words
  17. Iambic Monometer
  18. Excellence of Expression
  19. Linguistic Compactness
  20. Some Pieces of Wonderful Prose

    (a) The Conditions of a Good Wife
    (b) Death
    (c) Maidens

  21. Compounds
  22. Triplets or Three Line Stanzas
  23. Adjectives in the Deceptive Garb of Adverbs
  24. A Good Rule for All
  25. Non-Existents
  26. Sweet! Sweet!! Sweet!!!
  27. There is a time for everything.
  28. On the Vowels – A Riddle
  29. The Lord’s Prayer in Verse
  30. Wealth of Vocabulary

    (a) How Many ways are There?
    (b) Count The Days
    (c) Words ending in -cracy
    (d) Words ending in -graphy
    (e) Words ending in -phobia
    (f) Words ending in -meters
    (g) Words ending in -logy
    (h) Words ending in -mania
    (i) List of Vocabulary

  31. A Proverbial Conversation
  32. Man of Many Kinds
  33. Centaur Words
  34. Tongue-Twisters
  35. The Praise of English
  36. The Pleasant Song
  37. The Process of Conception
  38. Why English is so hard?
  39. A gentle echo on women
  40. What is the plural?
  41. Singular Singulars and Peculiar Plurals
  42. Grammar Rules
  43. Hints on Pronunciation for Foreigners
  44. Running Alliterations : Nephelidia
  45. A Medieval Song : Full of Alliterations
  46. Rhythmically Combined Adverbially Adjective Noun Phrases
  47. Strikingly Beautiful Phrases
  48. Alliterative and Rhythmic Phrases

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