10 Commandments of Success in Life

10 Commandments of Success in Life :

  1. Here are a ten points, gleaned from the writings of Sri Swami Sivananda, which can lead any individual towards success in their chosen path in life. These guidelines have the power to benefit you – physically, mentally and spiritually.

  2. Have a simple and unassuming manner of life.

  3. Live not to eat. But eat to live.

  4. Bear no enemy. Commit no slander. Speak no falsehood. Practice no deceit. Harbor no malice. You will be very joyful, peaceful and happy.

  5. Righteousness is the rule of life. Lead a virtuous life. Human life is not human without virtues. Study the lives of saints and draw inspirations from them.

  6. Cultivate a melting heart, the giving hands, the kindly speech, the life of service, the equal vision, impartial attitude. And your life will be really blessed.

  7. Lead a regulated life. Take hold of each day as if it were the last day and utilize every second in prayer, meditation and prayer. Let your life become a continuous sacrifice to The God.

  8. Live in the present. Forget the past. Give up hopes of the future.

  9. Understand very well the meaning of life. And start the quest.

  10. Life is thy greatest gift. Utilize every second profitably.

  11. Success often comes to those who dare and act. It seldom comes to the timid.

10 Commandments of Success in Life :

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