10 Commandments of

10 Commandments of Weight-Loss :

  1. It is a matter of life-style….not diet. Weight-Loss is not a short-term fix. That is a way of life.

  2. Get organized. Structure your life. The, you will structure your eating.

  3. Eat small quantity. Portion control is very crucial for weight-loss.

  4. Learn to leave food on your plate. This helps you take control of compulsive eating.

  5. Never feel deprived. This only encourages binging.

  6. Make a meal out of it. Make a ceremony out of every meal. So that you really appreciate what you have eaten.

  7. Eat slowly. That is why…you will feel satisfied before you have eaten too much.

  8. Enjoy your food. It is one of the life’s greatest pleasure…not punishment.

  9. Move it….Exercise is the key essential for weight loss.

  10. Get enough sleep. Structuring your sleeping patterns will regulate your metabolism.

10 Commandments of Weight-Loss :

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