10 Habits for Positivity in Life

10 Habits for Positivity in Life :

1. Don’t leave your bathroom wet after shower. It leads to loss of wealth as Moon weakens in your horoscope.

2. Keep your footwear organized. If you home has your footwear spread all over the place, then it attracts bad energy. According to scriptures, such a condition decreases respect and increases fear of the enemy in a person.

3. Keep your feet clean. Generally people spend a lot on cosmetics for face, but very few give equal importance on keeping their feet clean! According to shastras, unclean feet are a symbol of lack of honour and misery in a person's life.

4. Clean your bed everyday. According to vastu, a messy bed can subtly disrupt your daily schedule, and gives rise to obstacles in work. Thus, keeping your bed tidy is the easiest way to attract good luck.

5. Don't leave food on plate. Always clean your plate after finishing the meal. Get rid of the leftover food, and immerse the plate in water if you can't wash it immediately. In astrology, this pacifies bad effects of Saturn and Moon, and pleases Goddess Laxmi too.

6. Don't speak in a loud voice. Unless you are addressing a big gathering, do not speak loudly. It can bring the wrath of Saturn. Gossiping is also a bad habit, because believe it or not, shastras describe that it leads to expenditure of your good karmas!

7. Keep your kitchen clean. An unclean kitchen produces Mangal dosh. Clean your utensils and kitchen before calling it a day!

8. Don't sleep late at night. Many people have a habit of going to bed late. Unless it is a medical problem, or your are busy, don't go to bed late. Otherwise, be prepared to face the bad effects of Moon in your horoscope. This includes mental problems and undecided nature.

9. Don't spit at wrong places. According to shastras, this hampers you good luck, and withdraws the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi. You may have money, but it would get spent on worthless things.

10. Never disrespect any elder. People who disrespect elders never feel contentment in life. Even a good source of income won't stay with them for long. They'll face financial and personal troubles. So, for good luck, never miss a chance of helping an elderly person!

10 Habits for Positivity in Life :

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